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Friday, May 25, 2012

Alexander Henry a Fabulous fabric Designer.

Find his vibrant and colorful fabrics here on Etsy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vintage housewares and furniture on Etsy

I haven't wanted to deal with the hassles of shipping furniture, but some Etsy sellers do ship large items. You could, conceivably, furnish much of your house with stuff from Etsy. Whether it's worth the shipping costs is up to you, but there is certainly an abundance of well-presented vintage furnishings on Etsy.

Here's a blog called The City Sage that recently published a nice roundup of vintage home furnishings the blogger, Anne Sage, found on Etsy.

Vintage 1970s Princess Creampuff and Gold Diva Rotary Telephone

Click Here for more about this phone.

How Kitschy and cute.
Plug it in and it works!! We have adapted it especially for you so its ready for you to do your sweet talking right away when it reaches your door.

Great for arranging that illicit affair with the billionaire in your life!!!!

Do you need a stylish bedroom phone to talk to your lover on? Well look no further you have found it right here in Tessimal's shop. This is a very rare find! Not many of these left out their and it is Made in Japan dated 7/30/77. How awesome! Sweet Talk Princess Phone, the one everyone wants...right here...for the taking! Great design, great vintage condition. A few scratches to the handset but in general the body is very clean and still glossy with some very fine surface scratches but in overall very good condition. Cord shows some darkening from handling but is all original Cream and gold The only thing missing is the piece that holds the network connector at the back. It can be connected, but, adding a replacement piece would stabilize it. Best of all, this beauty dials out and rings in with a great vintage bell tone! Sounds is clear - she's ready to go!plug "n" play

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BlueJay Vase, vintage from JAPAN

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Exquisite vintage Japanese vase (my guess 1970s) has virtually unnoticeable chipping in two spots: the end of the leaf under the jay's tail has chip about 3mm diameter on the tip of the leaf. There are a couple other chips, in the "foot" on the base. It was possibly shipped from the manufacturer with the base chips because they are common in firing ceramics and not uncommon.

So, other than the tiny chip on the leaf this vase may be a bit dirty in places, but is otherwise in near-perfect condition.

The vase is about 5" tall. The jay is about 3.5" long. The glazing is clean and beneath it the hand-coloring is done with consummate skill, marking this as a superior piece you'll be pleased to add to your collection.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Va Va Va Vooom Vintage Inspired Hot Box Girls Art Collage Cigar Purse

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I'm super-thrilled with the way my new line of "girly" cigar box handbags are turning out. Development took awhile, because there are a lot of problems to solve when making something like this and a lot of steps to work out to make them nice.

This Purse is totally Burlesque inspired Art on a cigar box for All of you Artsy Fashionistas out there in Etsy land.

You can be a Show Girl too, sporting this vintage appeal purse!

You'll want to bring it on every important outing!

An excellent and unique Conversation piece!

Be the first kid on the block to be styl'in way ahead of everyone's time with this latest and greatest recycled Art cigar Purse!

Show it off at home too! To your guests, So that they are aware of your funky, yet discerning tastes in vintage beauty cigar box purses!

If you're after the Koolest Artsy Fashionista look, you need this Cigar Box Art Purse!

Box is 9" long x 7 1/4" wide by 1 1/2" deep.

A perfect gift for a girl who loves that vintage Show girl style and wants the authentic art purse to do it with.

Totally lined with vintage leopard spotted fabric and adorned with fringe trim beads,sequins, and pom poms!
Sealed with shellac, carefully handcrafted by Tessimal!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Vintage Gypsy Hippy Clothing

Vintage flower power 1960s 1970s Gypsy Clothing from Sasha's Ethnic Bling Boutique Here in Tessimal's Etsy Shop!

My entire shop is completely moved to an Artist Loft at Eastworks****
SUMMER OF LOVE FLOWER POWER COLLECTION GYPSY HEART Boutique of Sasha Berman is merging with Tessimal. Gypsy Heart Boutique has been in business in many incarnations since 1991 and has won numerous "Best of the Valley" Awards, presented by The Valley Advocate Newspapers. It started in a tightly packed, small, red-walled basement in Amherst, Massachusetts . When a lava lamp fell on her head, Sasha knew it was time to look for larger digs, and the store soon moved to its former location on Main Street in Northampton. Now Sasha has decided to DOWNSIZE and dive into the wellspring of creative pursuits. She has decided to be a "part-time workaholic"Focussing on Poetry and handing the Torch to Tessimal to spread her exotic clothes all over Etsy Land. So here is your chance to find that treasured garment that will make you Bling with Pizazz and Dazzle your Fans.
Here in Tessimal's Shop you will find Sasha's pre-loved, experienced clothing, costume and accessories with good vibes. You will find clothing and jewels from all the countries that you dream of visiting someday. The shop has been characterized by friends as "the center of the universe", attracting a wacky range of prolific performance artists, original creative dressers, and outrageous individuals who have decided "to wear purple" long before they're old.If you would like to visit and find out more about Sasha look here:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Acid Rock Gypsy Cloth

New Fabric for all to Enjoy Great for Belly Dance Veils with lots of glitzzz!!!