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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BlueJay Vase, vintage from JAPAN

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Exquisite vintage Japanese vase (my guess 1970s) has virtually unnoticeable chipping in two spots: the end of the leaf under the jay's tail has chip about 3mm diameter on the tip of the leaf. There are a couple other chips, in the "foot" on the base. It was possibly shipped from the manufacturer with the base chips because they are common in firing ceramics and not uncommon.

So, other than the tiny chip on the leaf this vase may be a bit dirty in places, but is otherwise in near-perfect condition.

The vase is about 5" tall. The jay is about 3.5" long. The glazing is clean and beneath it the hand-coloring is done with consummate skill, marking this as a superior piece you'll be pleased to add to your collection.

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